How We Work

We ensure that your plan is in full compliance with all federal rules and regulations.
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We Make House Calls

Pension Parameters is about personal service. That’s not a promise, but a commitment. Many retirement service companies say as much, but our decades of service to satisfied businesses demonstrate this commitment — and success — with maintaining personal relationships.  At Pension Parameters, an individual answers each call and responds immediately, which is only part of how we maintain a close, ongoing relationship.


First, We Assess

Our company president, Kevin McCormack, visits your site with a Certified Financial Planner, a registered investment advisor or an enrolled actuary to take your retirement temperature. We want to see your operation; to understand your short and long-term needs and what types of plans will bring the most reward — and comfort level — to both you and every single member of your staff.


Then, We Propose

Pension Parameters designs retirement programs for your company — with the assurance that we are nimble and will always redesign or add plans under your direction if your needs change. Acting as your Third Party Administrator (TPA) (filing tax forms, creating total transparency with regular reports, and discussing progress with you), Pension Parameters ensures that your plan is in full compliance with all federal rules and regulations.


We Keep You Officially In the Loop

A principal from Pension Parameters works closely with you to develop your Investment Policy Statement, a document which establishes your investment framework, risk tolerance, and goals. It also serves as a tool for us to service your account the best way possible.

Our registered investment advisor will discuss with you the nature of the allocations that Pension Parameters is managing for you. Given that conversation, this advisor will call you throughout the year to suggest moves that will help correct market changes, limit your exposure, and give you the most bang for each invested buck.