numberIt figures that nothing would perk our interest like a big number.

Case in point: a story in headlined 280 Billion Available for IRA ROLLOVERS.  Excerpts:

“A total of $280 billion is likely to be rolled over into IRAs this year, creating an opportunity that financial service firms cannot ignore, according to a new study from Cogent Reports.

“The ‘Investor Rollover Assets in Motion’ study shows that 9 percent of investors with at least $100,000 in investable assets is likely to roll over savings into an IRA account this year, Cogent says. The report included interviews with 4,170 investors.

“Twenty-four percent of investors have at least one retirement account from a previous employer and these accounts hold 25 percent of the investors’ assets.

“Low fees and expenses are the top criteria investors cited as the reasons for selecting a particular provider. Other top criteria include an easy rollover process, brand reputation and having an existing relationship with a provider.”