In the category of data that really surprised us, we were drawn to this item from “Despite the ubiquitous emphasis on the need to plan for retirement, few actually put it in writing. More than half of retirees have a retirement strategy, but only 10 percent have it committed to paper or pixels, according to a study released by the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies. The majority of those with a plan factored in Social Security and Medicare benefits, living expenses, healthcare costs and investment returns. But according to the 118-page survey, few considered the impact of inflation, taxes, long-term care insurance or the need for funds to pursue retirement ‘dreams’, like travel or pursuit of a hobby. A mere 7 percent have a contingency plan for retiring sooner than expected or running into a savings shortfall. Even more troubling, while two out of five full or partial retirees over 50 have a financial advisor, 80 percent of those say that their advisor picks investments for them; Less than half say their financial advisor consults with them on retirement savings and spending.”