hands“An early January poll by the American College of Financial Services found that more than half of financial advisers — 53 percent — reported that the election results have increased their concerns, while 23 percent felt the election has had no impact,” writes Ana Veciana-Suarez in a miamiherald.com piece. “On the other hand, 24 percent believe the election has improved the outlook for their clients’ retirement security. Top concerns post-election: healthcare, cited by 27 percent of advisers, and Social Security, with 22 percent.” Other poll findings:


*53 percent of advisors have told their clients to stay the course.

  • 40 percent were taking risk off the table for their retired clients by buying income annuities.
  • Half said that they were rebalancing their retirement client investment mix to lock in gains or reduce risk.
  • Only 5 percent are encouraging their retired clients to invest more heavily in the market.
  • About 60 percent of advisors believe more volatility is on the horizon.

“The report was based on a poll of 419 Retiremen Income Certified Professional (RICP®) designation holders by the American College of Financial Services, a non-profit educational institution devoted to financial services.”