What goes on behind the scenes between your CPA and your FINANCIAL ADVISOR?

While it is really up to you on how you manage these relationships, we at Pension Parameters have, for more than 30 years, followed the BEST PRACTICES among professionals. We can share with you a way you may want to look at your circle of advisors, including us.

Think of your CPA as your main business advisor- and you probably already do. His or her firm has a complete

micro and macro perspective of your business and finances, where you’ve been and where you are likely to go financially, and the best tax strategies that are applied each month and as the bigger picture changes.

Then think of your financial advisor as an extension of your CPA. As financial advisors, we encourage communication between us and your CPA: to ensure complete transparency in all activities and to discuss retirement planning as part of your overall fiscal health. You already know that retirement plans provide great tax benefits, and they also work to provide you with financial stability that adds support to the rest of your entire financial picture. Comparing it to the doctor, we would say: Once you have a medical checkup, you follow up by taking steps that the doctor advises that will keep you healthy for a longer life. The same philosophy can be applied to your finances.

Financial advisors like Pension Parameters are attached to organizations (like Fidelity) that supply access to expertise in many topical areas. By putting us together with your CPA, we can track down specific investment strategies that coordinate with your CPA’s long and short-term strategies for you. This is a great way to galvanize the team you have working on your behalf. And it’s a tremendous method to find new ways to stimulate organize growth in your organization.

Feel free to send an email to Kevin McCormack, President, Pension Parameters ([email protected])  with your CPA’s contact information, if you haven’t already set this up.  He will contact your CPA on your behalf to determine possible ways Pension Parameters can serve as a resource for your financial future even more than it is now.